At PROtential Football we want to
specialize in each skill position with
football drills, which will make that player,
excel. For example, Quarterbacks will
learn how to throw through and around
Defensive Linemen with Passing Lane
drills. Wide Receivers will learn how and
why they run certain routes in Route
Running drills. Running Backs will learn
why running lanes are designated
even/odd numbers in Lane Recognition
drills. Defensive Backs will learn the
advantage of reading Wide Receivers
routes by alignment with Back Pedal
Recognition drills. These are all minimal
examples of position drills, which will be
introduced to the PROtential Football
participant. There are several specific
position drills we will introduce to you
when you enroll in our program. But that
is our secret, until you become a
PROtential Football Player!
John Kaleo
Perfect touch pass
Left arm generate
torque power and
maintain balance.
Ball release
out in front.
Eyes downfield
on the receiver.
Air between hand
and ball, fingers
grip not palm grip.