In the game of football, a player needs to
have great balance to throw the football,
catch the football, run the football,
blocking, and tackling. At PROtential
Football you will learn the importance of
balance through agility drills and position
stances. Our staff will explain why you
are in a certain stance and why it is
advantageous for your football position.
You will understand leverage and your
body through the repetitive agility drills
week after week. But to gain that
confidence you must enroll and become a
PROtential Football Player now!
with confidence
knowing you threw
an accurate pass
on the move.
Improper Ball Handling
the ball should be higher and
closer to the body for maximum
security.(the next frame shows
proper technique)
controlling exactly
where you place
you feet to sustain
Hip Rotation
necessary to
generate pace.
Square Up
keeps both right and
left  sides of the field